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Bad breath is already a dreading thing to hear or experience but once you add just one word to bad breath, this condition becomes more dreadful and unimaginable. I am talking about baby bad breath. Yes, you have read t right. Baby bad breath can happen. Imagine your cute little baby, your baby sibling, or just a normal cute baby having a foul breath. The scenario seems to be ironic. So in order for your baby not to suffer bad breath, you must know the baby bad breath cause to prevent bad breath in occurring.

Number One Baby Bad Breath Cause: Unclean Mouth

The number one cause of bad breath in babies is the inability or reluctance of the parent to clean the mouth of the baby. A baby only has milk as source of food. Any kind of milk whether it is breast milk or formulated milk can smell in the mouth once it is there in quite a while. Have you ever drank milk in the morning and not brush your teeth? You will have this sour taste in the mouth and a white lining in the tongue that emits sour smell. The same thing happens to baby. Only that they are more prone to it because as I have said, they have milk as their food.

Number Two Baby Bad Breath Cause: Constipation

Adult or babies, constipation can cause bad breath. However, constipation is usually not normal to babies who only feed on milk since they do not have solid food yet. If your baby has constipation even if he is not taking solid food, immediately his pediatrician because there is surely something wrong with him. But if the baby is already in his toddler years and feeding on solid food already, your baby is more prone to constipation which when unattended can cause bad breath. if bad breath caused by constipation occur, it is a sign that the constipation is bad and may get worse.

Number Three Baby Bad Breath Cause: Diseases

There are a lot of diseases of babies that causes bad breath. if at an early stage, your baby is already suffering respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and asthma, be wary because bad breath can be one of its effects because of the infection in the lungs. The same thing can occur if your baby has congenital stomach problems like the inability to have regular bowel movement and congenital urinary problems or inability to release urine regularly. Your baby will also suffer bad breath that has a distinct foul smell of feces or urine. If you notice this kinds of smell from your baby’s mouth, immediately see a pediatrician for professional help.

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